APP Plate Punching Machine

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Precise And Efficient Plate Positioning And Punching

The APP Plate Punching Machine is a revolutionary piece of equipment that allows for precise and efficient plate positioning and punching. 

The APP 80 model offers standard programming capabilities for parts that measure up to 1000×500mm (40”x20”) and weigh up to 100kg (220 lbs.)However, if your project calls for something larger or heavier, manual punching is possible for parts up to 1000×500mm (40”x20”) in size or 250 kg (550 lbs) in weight, provided that the punching area is suitable. 

This versatile machine is an ideal choice for businesses looking to streamline their production processes and improve their output quality. The automated programming feature ensures that even complex punching patterns are executed with ease and accuracy, saving valuable time and reducing errors. 

With its rugged construction and powerful capabilities, the APP Plate Punching Machine is a valuable investment for any metalworking shop. Whether you’re producing metal plates for construction projects, industrial applications, or decorative purposes, the APP Plate Punching Machine has everything you need to take your output to the next level.


  • Marking (with this feature two head punching is possible)
  • Maximum 8 characters can be marked as group. Character sizes are 16x8mm. | 5/8”x5/16”. For marking with more character, plate has to be slide and correct characters must be assembled.
  • Feeding table (table can be manufactured according to customer specific sizes)
Technical information
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