BMB-P Dishing Press Machine

General Details

The Highest Level Of Reliability And Precision, Every Time

The BMB-P dishing presses by AKYAPAK® are the heavy-duty machines that stand out among all other models in the large range. With a hydraulic press and manipulator (optional), these presses are the most demanding models for tank manufacturers all over the world. 

The power range for the BMB-P models ranges from 150 to 1600 Metric Tons with a diameter range of 20” to 33’. This makes them suitable for plates with diameters ranging from 500mm to 10,000mm. In addition, the 250 Metric Tons and bigger capacity presses come with pre-stressed tie-rods, while the lower ones have side shoulders. One of the main focuses of these models is to provide the correct capacity based on the material thickness, quality, and plate diameter. This helps in achieving the best cycle time and productivity for the customer. 

The main control screen is also designed to have a user-friendly interface to reduce the learning time required by operators. With the BMB-P dishing press, manufacturers can expect exceptional results in terms of productivity and performance. Its heavy-duty nature makes it a must-have for any manufacturer looking to boost their production rate and ensure maximum quality of output.


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