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NASSC 2019

10 Axis Hole Drilling Line 3 ADM model and Combined Drilling and Oxy-fuel /Plasma Cutting Machines ADOP, which makes a difference with its speed and efficiency in steel construction works, presented to our visitors at NASCC. We would like to thank all the dealers, customers and visitors who visited us in St. Louis in USA.

AHS 30/28

This year’s third 10’ x 1-3/8” plate roll goes to a customer in Arizona!

AHS 15/05

This little one goes to Indiana…

New machines goes to a customer

We deliver machines that are ready to be shipped with the equipment used according to the specifications, so as to meet the expectations of our customers.

D & T Steel

 D&T Steel is a national supplier of precision metal fabrications and machine work, specializing in custom machining, metal fabrication, and laser cutting. D&T is recognized throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia as being among the best, when it comes to fabrication and erecting steel products. It is no surprise that D&T Steel chose […]

Concentric Fabrication

 In Concentric Fabrication operating in USA, the bending machine is preferred by AKYAPAK. With our AHS model they use in their business, they are specially working on rails, stair railings and incoming requests