Plate Rolls

Turkey and The World relies on us for Plate Rolling and Bending Machines.

AKYAPAK hydraulic plate rolling and bending machines are commonly used in various industrial and manufacturing processes. These machines are primarily utilized to shape and roll sheet metal and plate material, creating cylindrical or conical shaped parts. 

Some of the primary applications for these machines include:

  1. Creating large tanks, pipes, and other similar structures for use in the oil and gas industry.
  2. Manufacturing cylindrical or conical shapes for boilers, heat exchangers, and other pressure vessels.
  3. Forming parts for heavy equipment, including cranes, excavators, and bulldozers.
  4. Rolling sheet metal and plate material to create custom architectural designs, such as columns, arches, and decorative trim pieces.
  5. Rolling long and complex metal shapes such as ship hulls.

The versatility and precision of AKYAPAK machines make them a valuable asset to many different manufacturing and industrial operations.