ADOP 3000×12000 Drilling and Oxy-fuel/Plasma Cutting Machine

General Details

The Bridge Between Operations

ADOP is designed with the ability to drill, cut and mark to increase efficiency, combining versatility and accuracy. The drill unit is fitted with heavy-duty double linear guides on the heavy steel bridge frame and the cutting unit is mounted on the other side of the bridge. The accurate horizontal axis movements for drilling and cutting units are guaranteed with servo driven ball screws.


  • Controller: CNC (ESA®)
  • Axis Drive: Servomotor
  • Spindle Motor Power: 30 HP
  • Spindle Motor Torque: 206 lbf-ft
  • Drilling capacity: 3/8″ – 1-9/16″
  • Thread tapping capacity: M12-M24
  • Internal Cooling Carbide Drill: Yes
  • Tool Internal Cooling: MQL
  • Motion Bearings of Spindle and Cutting Units (Horizontal/Vertical): Preloaded linear units
  • Motion Transmission System: Preloaded ball screws / nut system
  • Scribe Marking: Yes
  • Automatic tool changing (ATC) unit: Yes
  • ATC Capacity: 6 Tools
  • Plate positioning weight: 16.500 lbs
  • Plasma cutting capacity: Max. 2-1/2″ (1-1/4″ piercing)
  • Oxy cutting capacity: Max. 4″
  • Oxy and plasma slag and dust collection plate: Yes
  • Oxy and plasma dust filtration unit: Yes
  • Swarf collection Tray (wheeled): Yes
  • Plate feeding system: Servomotor + Gearbox / Rack-and-Pinion
  • Plate Fixing: Hydraulic remote controlled clamping

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