AHS 10500 Tank Rolling & Bending Machine

General Details

Heavy-Duty Performance at Its Best

The sound of the metal creaking and groaning as it stretches and bends under the immense pressure of the AHS 10500 Tank Rolling and Bending Machine is both awe-inspiring and terrifying. The operator of the machine stands at the ready, watching with a keen eye for any signs of weakness or strain in the metal, ready to adjust the pressure at a moment’s notice.

The AHS 10500 itself is a marvel of modern engineering, capable of bending even the thickest and strongest plates with ease. With four powerful rollers working in unison, it exerts a force on the metal that is both precise and powerful, ensuring a flawless and perfectly shaped finished product every time.

But it is not just the machine itself that is impressive. It is also the skill and expertise of the operator who controls it, carefully guiding the metal through each roll with a steady hand and a trained eye. 

Power and Precision

As the machine hums along, shaping the metal to perfection, it’s hard not to be amazed by the sheer power and precision of the AHS 10500. And yet, even as we marvel at its capabilities, we must also remember the artistry and skill that goes into every bend, every twist, and every turn. For without that human touch, this machine would be nothing but a hulking mass of steel and hydraulics, incapable of creating the intricate shapes and forms that make it such a valuable tool in the hands of a skilled craftsman.

The newest innovation in metal fabrication, the AHS 10500 is designed to transform plain sheets of metal into intricate and seamless tanks that are essential in various industries such as oil and gas, agriculture, and water treatment.

Made to Perfection

With its heavy-duty rollers and adjustable hydraulic bending arms, the AHS 10500 can handle various metal thicknesses and shapes. It can create tanks with capacity in thickness from 14 ga. to 8” (2 mm to 200 mm) and 20” to 40ft (500mm to 12,000mm). You can trust that your custom tank needs are in good hands with our machine.

What sets the AHS 10500 apart from the rest is its precision and speed. With the use of modern technology, Akyapak has created a system that allows for precise measurements and cuts, resulting in an efficient and seamless tank creation process. 

At the heart of the AHS 10500 are highly skilled engineers and technicians. With their expertise, the AHS 10500 can cater to any tank fabrication need – from standard cylindrical tanks to intricate and complex shapes.

In a world where precision, efficiency, and speed are crucial, the AHS 10500 is a game-changer in metal fabrication.

Standard Features:

  • Cone bending device
  • Induction hardened rolls
  • Digital display for side rolls
  • Fully welded steel (St-52) construction body
  • Separate moving control panel
  • Two rolling speeds
  • Electro-hydraulic calibration
  • All rolls are mounted in roller spherical roller bearings
  • Safety equipment around the machine
  • Central rolls are driven by hydraulic motors and planetary gearboxes
  •  Certified by CE, ISO9001 – 2008, TSEK and TURQUM

Optional Features:

  • Central and side supports
  • Variable speed of rotation
  • Material feeding table with various features
  • Interchangeable top roll
  • Oil cooling system
  • Driven side rolls
  • Automatic material ejection equipment
  • Automatic loading and unloading system
  • Deflection compensating system
  • Motors in variable voltage and frequency
  • CNC
  • NC
Technical information
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