APD Heavy-Duty Plate Drilling Machine

General Details

A Cutting-Edge Gantry Machining Center That Improves Your Productivity And Bottom Line

The AKYAPAK® APD Heavy-Duty Plate Drilling Machine is a gantry machining center designed to handle the most challenging drilling applications. Whether you’re working with steel, aluminum, or other materials, this powerful drilling machine is up to the task. 

Featuring a sturdy gantry structure and high-performance spindle, the APD Heavy-Duty Plate Drilling Machine can drill large holes in thick plates with precision and ease. Its cutting-edge software and advanced controls ensure that every cut is made accurately and efficiently, saving you time and reducing waste. 

With a wide range of features and options available, including automatic tool changers and coolant systems, the APD Heavy-Duty Plate Drilling Machine is customizable to fit your unique needs and specifications. 

Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, and heavy equipment manufacturing. If you’re looking for a drilling machine that can handle the toughest jobs with speed, precision, and efficiency, look no further than the APD Heavy-Duty Plate Drilling Machine. 

Standard Features:

  • 3 Axes CNC
  • High processing performance
  • Spindle high positioning sensitivity
  • Manuel part attaching
  • Drilling, screw cutting and surface milling ability on the plate with a single spindle
  • A drill chuck fit for fast manual replacement
  • Special milling machine bit enabling marking the plate
  • Efficient liquid & air drill cooler unit
  • Max. processing size (mm): 3000×4000 | (feet): 9,8×13,1 (it can be change up to the demands)
  • Max. drilling diameter (mm): Ø 75 | (inch): Ø 3’’
Technical information
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