APK 101 Profile Bending Machine

General Details

Standard Equipments

• Machine body is steel (ST-52) construction
• On APK 101, APK 121 and 150 rolls are driven by a hydraulic motor + planetry
gearbox and gears
• Shafts made of special steel, hardened and grounded
• On APK 101 guide rolls are in one direction manual adjustable
• APK 121 and 150 guide rolls are in two directions hydraulic adjustable
• One set standard rolls
• Manual lubrication
• Lower rolls hydraulic moveable up and down
• Digital display for lower rolls
• Separate and moveable control panel
• Horizontal & vertical working
• 400 Volt / 50 hz
• Suitable for CE, ISO 9001-2008, TSEK and TURQUM certificates

Optional Equipments

• Special rolls for tubes, profiles and angles
• Special mechanic guide Rolls for bending angles (for APK 101)
• Special tooling sysems for bending U,I,H profiles
• Spiral bending device
• Variable speed of rotation
• Hydraulic adjustable guide rolls in two directions (for APK 101)
• Digital display for hydraulic guide rolls
• NC Playback Control System
• CNC Graphic Control System

Technical information



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