APL Oxy Plasma Cutting Machines

General Details

High quality, reliability and productivity… Akyapak’s superior manufacturing technologies ensure that the best results for oxy plasma cutting machine, too.

Standard Features:

  • Windows based CNC unit
  • Simple parts programmable Feature
  • Automatic Torch height control
  • Manual or Automatic cut selection
  • Automatic Air-conditioning an smoke extraction system
  • Strong and high mechanical accuracy 0,1 mm. | 0.004”
  • Torch protection system for any crash
  • Axis positioning accuracy 0,02mm. | 0.0008”
  • Axis positioning Speed 30m/min (Max.) | 98 ft/min (Max.)
  • Automatic Nesting software

Optional Features:

  • 5 axis bevel cutting
  • Water table design
  • Automatic Nesting software

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