APP Plate Punching Machine

General Details


For APP 80 model, plate positioning with standard programming is limited to 1000×500 (40”x20”) sized and 100kg (220 lbs) weight part. Manually punching is possible for 1000×500 (40”x20”) sized or 250 kg (550 lbs ) weight plate where the punching area is suitable.

Optional Features:

  • Marking (with this feature two head punching is possible)
  • Maximum 8 characters can be marked as group. Character sizes are 16x8mm. | 5/8”x5/16”. For marking with more character, plate has to be slide and correct characters must be assembled.
  • Feeding table (table can be manufactured according to customer specific sizes)
Technical information
  Technical Information / inch

  Technical Information / mm.


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