BEB – Plate Edge Bevelling Machine

General Details

• The BEB Portable Plate Edge Beveling Machines are electrically powered rotary shear. It is used to bevel a wide variety of plate edges, usualy for the purpose of a weld joint preperation.

• It is designed for one-man operation and is capable of bevelling straight or circular plate sections at a speed of approximately 4 m per minute. ıt is capable of performing multi pass bevelling for larger bevels that cannot be accomplished in a single pass. Easy adjusment is provided for altering the depth and angle of bevel.

• The BEB Portable Plate Edge Beveling Machines are capable of supporting its own weight while beveling horizontal plate. The machine is typically equipped with the optional spring loaded caster assembly that allows the machine to roll along the floor or runway, during the beveling operation.

• The adjustable beveling head enables the beveling of angles 22.5° through 55°.

• It provides industry with a highly efficient, practical and truly portable method of producting straight machined bevels on wide variety of plate materials, icluding mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum effectively meeting V, X, or K wield joint preparation requirements.

• Loss of production through operators suffering from skeletal, muscular and hearing loss injuriess normally associated with pneumatic and hand held milling type beveling equipment is greatly reduced and detrimental factors such as operator fatique, or inconsistent workmanship are eliminated. Required quality levels are consistently attained and productivity and profitability increased.

Technical information
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