CR Conventional Rotator

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Greater Speed, Efficiency And Precision During Welding Processes

When it comes to welding cylindrical parts such as tanks, pressurized containers, tower piping, boilers, silos, reactors, and fuel drums, the AKYAPAK® CR Conventional Rotator is an economical and high-quality solution.

Our CR rotator offers a reliable and efficient means of rotating circular parts during both manual and automatic welding. Not only does it improve the speed and efficiency of welding, but it also plays a crucial role in steel construction workshops by minimizing the need for crane operations.

With the ability to rotate pieces mounted on the rotator either clockwise or counterclockwise, operators have precise and controllable movements at their fingertips through the AKYAPAK® easily adjustable control panel.

Conventional rotators are typically composed of two units, one drive unit and one idle unit, but with the AKYAPAK® CR Conventional Rotator, this number can be altered to suit the specific application conditions.

We offer conventional rotators ranging from 1 to 300 tons, with custom production capabilities extending up to 600 tons.

No matter the diameter of the cylindrical parts that need welding, the AKYAPAK® CR Conventional Rotator provides a reliable and cost-effective solution in helping to improve the overall quality and speed of project completion.

Standard Features:

  • “PU” roller absorbing shocks and vibrations
  • Manual diameter adjustments
  • Adjustable rotating speed
  • Remote controller with 5 meter cable length
  • Digital speed indicator on the controller panel for monitoring rotation
  • Motors with brake

Optional Features:

  • Custom roller designs for areas that require high temperature
  • Axis Support
  • Brush Earthing System
  • Bogie Rail Travel system
  • Master Control Panel (see the option in Column &Boom)
  • Rail
  • Auto diameter adjustment (motorized)
  • Wireless remote controller
Technical information
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CR Conventional Rotators Technical Specifications

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