HCB Heavy Column Boom Systems

General Details

Column-Boom Systems are manufactured to ensure ergonomics during weld jointing processes, reaching to hard to access areas while welding large pieces and to perform welding with minimal error. Column-Boom systems approach to the most suitable area on the piece for performing the required welding process under control of the operator and welding operation is performed with the command sent to the automatic unit on the boom.

While Column-Boom systems can perform welding independently for any part, it may also perform circular or lengthwise welding using rotator or positioner. Welding types that can be performed by the system are SUBMERGED, MIG, MAG, TIG. Also, Column- Boom systems can be fixed or with automatic travel on rail.
Column-Boom systems enables improvement of quality, reduction of manufacturing time and operator fatigue, precision and continuous welding quantity that can be realized by an operator.
Akyapak Makine includes 3 x 3 to 6 x 6 Column- Boom systems in its standard lists. However, custom production can be realized up to 10 x 10 meters.

Standart Features:

  • 360° rotating column (manual)
  • One piece and only time precision as treated sledges (up to 10X10mt.)
  • For interleaved work “V” cradles designed (horizontal and vertical)
  • Precision machined horizontal & vertical slides
  • Adjustable linear boom speed
  • Remote controller with 5 meter cable length
  • Digital speed indicator on the controller panel for monitoring boom progress
  • Possibility to perform fast forward and reverse boom movement control
  • Mechanical safety system for chain breakage in the boom group
  • Counterweight (elevator) system for vertical movement of boom group
  • Limit switches for terminating all movements
  • Welding suspension system on the column group
  • Motors with brake & forced fan cooling

Optional Features:

  • Column bom systems are fixed or on the railmoving
  • Programmable automation control for horizontal & vertical movements
  • Automatic rotating column motion (with motor)
  • Weld monitoring system with laser tracing
  • Automatic dust collector unit (submerged)
  • Operator seating / monitoring / walking platform
  • Remote monitoring of the welding area through camera image
  • Synchronous operation with rotator & positioner systems (for welding machines)
  • Special insulations for worksite conditions
Technical information
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