HR Rope Rotator

General Details

The Ultimate Solution For Precise And Efficient Rotation And Positioning Of Pieces With Planar Sections During Welding Processes

The AKYAPAK® HR Rope Rotator features an endless rope that facilitates the positioning. 

Comprising a sturdy housing, state-of-the-art rope drive system, an electrical panel, and a remote-controlled operator unit, the HR Rope Rotator provides you with the best structural protection against the carrier lift rope break in the event that the bobbin carrier part of the elevator rope overlaps.

Likewise, the HR comprises of two driver units that are easy to operate in synchronization or independently to adjust the angular height of the workpiece. 

Whether you want to rotate the piece clockwise or counterclockwise, the HR Rope Rotator ensures precise, well-aligned, and easy movement of the pieces. 

Moreover, the number of units can be increased depending on the application and weight conditions. The adjustable height feature adds to the versatility of the HR Rope Rotator, making it suitable for a large range of industries and welding processes. 

Standard Features:

  • Remote controller with 5 meter cable length
  • Rope arms angle settings (hydraulic)
  • Safety platform for beam carrying or standing
  • Easy controlling hydraulic power pack
  • Hydromotor for rotation
Technical information
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