SAR Self Align Rotator

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A Smarter Way of Welding

Self-aligning rotators are the answer to a long-standing problem in the field of engineering: how to rotate large, circular workpieces with varying diameters. Whether it’s tanks, pressurized containers, or tower piping, these rotators are designed to adjust to a wide range of diameters automatically. This means no additional time or effort is required to get the job done, allowing you to focus on what’s important: creating high-quality products that meet the demands of your customers. 

Rotators have proven to be an invaluable asset for steel construction workshops, significantly reducing the need for crane operations while increasing efficiency and speed. Operators can effortlessly rotate pieces mounted on the rotator, with precise, well-aligned, and controllable movements achieved via the AKYAPAK® intuitive control panel. 

Easily adjustable speeds provide flexibility, allowing you to find the optimal rotation speed for your application. 

Self-aligning rotators typically consist of two units, namely one drive and one idler unit, but this can be adjusted according to your application requirements. The units work together to provide you with an incredibly efficient and accurate rotation process that helps reduce operator fatigue, allowing you to work on larger and more complex projects. 

AKYAPAK® is a trusted provider of self-aligning rotators and includes a range of models from 3 to 300 tons in their standard product list. However, we can customize the production of self-aligning rotators for applications requiring up to 600 tons. 

Our attention to detail, high-quality components, and expert engineering knowledge ensure that you can get the job done right, no matter what the project requirements may be. 

The AKYAPAK® SAR Self Align Rotator is an ideal solution for conditions where diameter variability poses a challenge in rotating circular workpieces. The SAR is an efficient and accurate tool for automatic and manual welding, making it an essential part of steel construction workshops. 

Standard Features:

  • “PU” roller absorbing shocks and vibrations
  • Automatic diameter adjustments
  • Adjustable rotating speed
  • Remote controller with 5 meter cable length
  • Digital speed indicator on the controller panel for monitoring rotation
  • Clutch system for high tonnage pieces
  • Motors with brake
  • Wireless remote controller

Optional Features:

  • Custom roller designs for areas that require high temperature
  • Axis Support
  • Brush Earthing System
  • Bogie Rail Travel system
  • Master Control Panel (see the option in Column &Boom)
  • Rail
Technical information
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SAR Self Align Rotators Technical Specifications

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