Tube & Pipe Bending Machines

Advanced technology at tube bending, great easiness, high efficiency.

ABM series of tube bending machines, produced by AKYAPAK with “High Technology” from the best quality range components, for various lengths, provides excellentresults for tube bending operations of tubes up to 38, 50, 76 mm tube diameters.AKBEND ABM machines which can bend mild steel, stainless steel, aluminiumand similar bendable materials in simple and complex shapes, are prior choices of automative, furniture, cooling-heating, insulation and similar manufacturers whichtargets high quality for their productions.

ABM CNC Tube Bending Machines realizes bending operations automatically one by one in multi steps, which provides easiness and efficiency for users. Serial productionsor single bending operations’ costs are decreased significantly. Programming andusage of programs is considerably user-friendly and easy. The only thing to be doneby users is to feed tubes through machines and select the program of bendingoperation, wished to be done.